Event Hubs Client for Java 0.15.0 is now live

Check out our new milestone with our newest release for Event Hubs Java library!

The maven packages can be found here. Our GitHub release for the new clients can be found here.

Below are the release notes (which can also be found on GitHub - https://github.com/Azure/azure-event-hubs-java/releases/tag/0.15.0)


  • This client update primarily targets
    • all classes under com.microsoft.azure.servicebus have been added to com.microsoft.azure.eventhubs
    • logging is now provided with SLF4J, making your code independent of any logging API
    • loggers are now named under com.microsoft.azure.eventhubs.class and com.microsoft.azure.eventprossesorhost.class
    • you can also find the new CreateBatch APIs on EventHubClient and PartitionSender
    • you can now find the EventHubException class under this version
  • List of issues fixed this release

API Changes

Breaking changes

  • All classes under com.microsoft.azure.servicebus have been added to com.microsoft.azure.eventhubs, this will cause breaking changes when you upgrade to this new client version
  • New features will only be available from 0.15.0
  • We will continue to maintain 0.14.x with minor version releases to fix any critical bugs that we find

Happy event-ing!

- Event Hubs team

Shubha, @ShubhaVijaya