BizTalk CAT Page on MSDN and Presentation Resources

To provide presence for the team in an official manner on MSDN we have over the last few months put up the following page: 

Our team delivers many presentations to internal and external audiences on BizTalk, we have put some of these up here, see links below.  Please feel free to use these as you wish.  We will be adding more presentations over the next few months as we wrap up our tests for the BizTalk 2009 performance guide (estimated delivery date August 1st 2009).

BizTalk 2009 Performance Characteristics on Hyper-V and Physical Platforms.pptx

4.2 MB


BizTalk 2009 Performance.pptx

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BizTalk End-to-End Performance Testing Guidance .pptx

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BizTalk Hyper-V Virtualization Guidance.pptx

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