Exchange 2007 SP1 (Beta) Release Notes

Hi all Exchange 2007 SP 1 is on his way and with him some great new features. I’m going to describe here some of them.

In OWA we’ve a new/old feature which is the server side rules editing, this feature is very useful specialy in environments that the only client access is done trough OWA (like ISP’s).

The 2007 Microsoft Office system file format converter, finally we are going to preview online our Office documents attachements as HTML documents, this is great if you want to take a quick peek at some documents on the way.

New ability to read signed and encrypted documents.

And many many more!!


No news about Standby Continuous Replication hope to see this enabled in SP1, this feature will permit to create Standby Clusters in Remote Datacenters (great DR Scenarios here guys!)


For more info about Exchange 2007 SP1 here’s some useful links: