Set recipient limits in Exchange 2007

Ok continuing the quick tips for Exchange 2007 operations, here goes another useful task. By default I recommend to all my customers to define recipient limits to all users, just to avoid some "mistakes" like someone that selects all users in the GAL, to send some email that shouldn't be sent to Everyone, as well as some spam that sends emails with bulk recipients.

So there are several ways to establish limits in E2K7, Globally, by server, by receive connector, by transport.... my tip is to establish a limit in the internet receive connector:

Set-ReceiveConnector "Name of Connector" –MaxRecipientsPerMessage “Number of messages allowed per mail” *


* To check all connectors name just enter a "Get-ReceiveConnector" in the Edge Server

This will establish the recipient limit for mails received externally

Next step establish a limit to all users:

get-user | Set-Mailbox -RecipientLimits "Number of Messages allowed per mail"

Of course that you have to put some exceptions (Corporate emails etc.), for that just increase the mailbox limits:


Set-Mailbox "MAILBOX Name" -RecipientLimits "Number of Messages allowed per mail"

More info about mailbox limits: