Expression Encoder Customer Panel

Now that Expression Encoder 2 has been released, the team is hard at work on the next version of the product.
We want to be as responsive to community feedback as possible, and would like to set up a panel of customers with whom we can have ongoing conversations.

What is the Customer Panel?

The Customer Panel is a way for us to build strong relationships with users of our product. We'll use it as a way to understand your needs, workflows as well as how you use the product. We'll also use it to float future feature ideas and get feedback on them

What is the time requirement?

The Customer Panel is an ongoing project. The overall impact should be minimal and if at any point you no longer want to participate, just tell us. Typically we'll aim to reach out the Panel every couple of months or so. There may some times when we reach out more frequently.

How is this different to a Technology Adoption Program (TAP)?

TAPs are for specific releases and focus on getting you pre-releases of the software to play with. We'll use the same framework for the Customer Panel, but it is longer lived and goes beyond a particular release. This is an opportunity to have lasting impact on product direction.

OK sign me up!

If you want to take part, please send me an email by clicking here.