Great stuff at e-Health Canada

I spent Monday night and Tuesday up in Vancouver at e-Health Canada 2012 … got to meet a ton of new folks and “re-meet” some old friends. There’s something really great about the healthcare community in Canada; everybody seems to know each other and the stories all go back for years.

Tuesday morning, I had the opportunity to do a talk about consumer-driven health, HealthVault, and “what we’ve learned” since launching in 2007 --- was great to step back and look at what really is working (and what isn’t).

My plan was to recap the talk here on the blog, but this morning I found that @cassiemc had done a way better job than I ever could … she’s been taking session notes in sketch form. It is TOTALLY AWESOME! I’ve snipped out the part from my talk … but you definitely need to check out the originals on her blog.