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I really, really believe in HealthVault.

I’m six years into the adventure, and it’s been a little more than four since the service officially launched in October 2007. I wish everybody had a HealthVault record --- but they don’t. It’s still too hard to get your information, and too hard to use it once you’ve got it. But hey, at least the industry moves insanely slowly and payment incentives are still completely whacked.

But in the end, all this won’t matter. Microsoft is in this game for the long term. Every day more families get on board, more and better apps and devices light up, and more providers get connected. And oh yeah --- international here we come! We help real people, we’re fighting a good fight, and we’re going to win --- it’s inevitable.

Inevitable that is, with the right team in place. We’re currently looking to hire a few key roles onto the team here in Redmond. We need wickedly smart people that believe in our mission and are relentlessly focused on making it real. We need skepticism too --- so long as it comes with solutions and alternatives.

What do you think --- interested? Take a look:

Update 3/21/2012: some people are reporting problems with the links above ... I can't seem to figure out what's up, but if you run into trouble just visit and search for "HealthVault" ... you'll find us!