I have a mixed family --- by which I mean that my son and I use Windows phones, my wife uses an Android and my daughter just got a shiny new iPhone (not to mention the iPod Touches some of us use as well). These devices are with us all the time, and are truly integrated into our lives. They help keep us from getting lost, save us from worry when somebody’s late, answer hotly-debated dinnertime questions about who played Mark Anthony in Cleopatra (the good one from 1963); you name it.

So as I’ve said before, it’s a no-brainer to have access to health information on the phone (or tablet) as well. And since we’re committed to having HealthVault available as widely as possible (not just because my daughter is off to college next week with that new device) --- I’m super-excited today to announce the release of our first-party HealthVault app for the iPhone ! Of course it’ll work on the iPad too, although at some point we’ll release a version specifically for that form factor.

This is so cool! HealthVault for the iPhone really completes the experience for that platform … our app works great as a complement to other HealthVault-enabled apps like iTriage, CareCoach, Whatsmym3, Health Nexxus, bant, and more --- all using the same underlying information. Every app gives you a new set of features without having to recreate or enter data from scratch. We’ve made it easy to find these apps, too --- on the main screen just choose “Apps” to see them all.

(One downside --- our app is limited to the US HealthVault instance for now. A temporary issue --- we’ll add the worldwide instance very soon, and I will be sure to shout about it here when we do.)

Even better news for the HealthVault ecosystem; we’ve completely updated the iOS SDK and released the new version out on github. This new SDK is not only easy to use, it syncs automatically with a local data store so your health apps can run offline as well. SWEET! Developers, what are you waiting for?

Whatever your platform, whether you’re a developer or a mom --- we believe that health happens where you are, so we’re making it available wherever that is. It’s kind of a lot of work, actually … but totally worth it, especially when I know my daughter will have her up-to-date medication list at hand if, knock on wood, she ever needs it while she’s away from home.