Join us Friday for a "State of the Union" Webinar!

On Friday, January 13th from 9-10am Pacific time, we’ll be holding our first “State of the Union” webinar for the HealthVault community, and I hope you’ll join us!

This will be a pretty informal session. I’ll talk a bit about some of the cool stuff that has launched recently, then give an overview of our plans and priorities for the upcoming year. As the rest of the HSG team is ramping up to start the new venture with GE, we’re making our own adjustments to better take advantage of our position at Microsoft. It’s an exciting time for us and the industry, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. After that, we’ll just do an open Q&A --- I’m hoping that this will be at least 30 minutes of our time, so bring your toughest questions with you!

I want to say thanks to John Phelan of Zweena for pushing this idea a few weeks ago. He’s right that we really do have the makings of a pretty powerful community around HealthVault, and my real hope is that events like this will give our awesome partners ideas about how to work not just with HealthVault, but with each other as well to create solutions that help real families get and stay healthier. Hopefully this will be a successful start to a series that we’ll do about every quarter.

Talk soon!

This event is over, but slides and a recording are available here.

Thanks to all who joined us!