Start to finish: The HealthVault Nickel Tour

A couple of weeks ago now we shipped a bunch of new HealthVault stuff --- in particular, we've significantly enhanced the tools available directly on We had a bunch of our best designers rework the site's content, styling and navigation, and added editing and graphing capability for a set of core data types. This stuff is really exciting to me because I believe it helps users answer the question, "How do I get started?" And most importantly, the investments we've made in controls for viewing, editing and graphing HealthVault data will ultimately make their way into our SDK (Software Development Kit) --- reinforcing again our commitment to making it easier and easier for our partners to build great HealthVault applications.

I told our PR team that, once we had this release in the bag, I would put together a "nickel tour" of HealthVault ... walking through the key functionality from start to finish. The goal is to really be able to give users, reviewers, industry folks, etc. a sense of what the product and platform are all about. Of course I won't hit everything - but here goes my best shot. It's kind of long and has a bunch of screenshots, so I put it on a separate page here:

Take the HealthVault Nickel Tour

Let me know what you think!