What's Next!

OK, just one more post here!

In between time relaxing with the family and getting to know all the great kayaking spots around King County this summer, I was introduced to the incredible work and team at Adaptive Biotechnologies and have accepted a position as their CTO starting in a couple of weeks.

In short, Adaptive has figured out how to apply Next Generation Sequencing technology to the adaptive immune system, and can quantify an individual’s “T-Cell Receptor” repertoire at resolutions far beyond what has been possible in the past. The research and clinical potential is just awesome --- for a taste of just one application, check out what they’ve been able to do detecting “minimum residual disease” in lymphoma patients!

I frankly couldn’t be more excited. It’s a great complement to the work I did at Microsoft trying to help people find the right care and make therapies more effective --- at Adaptive I’ll be helping to create fundamentally new types of care. I cannot wait to get started.


PS. I will be starting up a new blog under a new tagline once I find my rhythm at Adaptive … I’ll add a link here when that gets going. See you soon!