Set_FDCC_LGPO updated: v1.06

Set_FDCC_LGPO has been updated to reflect the updated GPO content on NIST's download page.  The FDCC settings have not changed.  The updates contain only corrections to the downloads to more closely adhere to the FDCC settings.

The updated Set_FDCC_LGPO is attached to this blog post.  (This time I also remembered to include the readme.htm in the zip file.)  The updated Visual C++ project sources are here.

To recap:  Set_FDCC_LGPO is a non-interactive tool that applies the Q1 2009 FDCC desktop policy settings from NIST to local group policy and optionally to the security settings of the computer as well.

[Attachment removed, as a newer version is available -- bookmark the landing page for the most up-to-date-links.]