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Getting the configured Backup on Windows Server 2008 R2 machines remotely using powershell

Hi Sometimes you need to solve a problem in downlevel O.S where the commandlets for the task you...

Author: Fernando Rubio Roman Date: 06/27/2018

Documenting an AD based DNS infrastructure using powershell

Hi Following with the work done to document an AD infrastructure using powershell that i explained...

Author: Fernando Rubio Roman Date: 04/13/2018

How to document your infrastructure in an XML file by using parallelexecution powershell module

Hello again Today, I will showcase how we can leverage the parallelexecution powershell module, to...

Author: Fernando Rubio Roman Date: 01/26/2018

Bulk powershell remoting made easy with parallelexecution module

Write-host "hello world" During the last months, with the help of Alvaro Jimenez & Raul...

Author: Fernando Rubio Roman Date: 01/25/2018