Apples no longer falling out of the clouds - BPOS support for Macs Now available!

Because many of you have asked to use your Macs with Microsoft Online Services, we’ve been developing a Mac Sign-In application to provide Mac users with the same “single-sign-in” functionality provided to our PC users.

After installing and signing-in to this application, you can send and receive Exchange Online e-mail and access SharePoint Online sites from your Mac without having to sign-in multiple times. This application will also configure Entourage to connect to your Exchange Online mailbox.

Preview the Mac Sign-In Application

To get an early look at the Mac Sign-In application, register via the Microsoft Connect site using this Invitation ID: MAC-Y689-6QBR. After downloading the application and the documentation, you’re ready to get started.

If you have any issues connecting to the site, downloading or using the sign-in application, send e-mail to the BPOS Mac Preview Program team.