Possible Memory Leak in BizTalk “MQSeries” Adapter


Consider the following scenario:

    • You are using “MQSeries” adapter on either BizTalk 2010 or 2013

    • Either Windows2008 R2 or 2012 is installed

    • The memory used by the Biztalk process is steadily increasing, but never decrease unless you restart the BizTalk Host instance.

    • You have collected a memory dump of that BizTalk process and you could see indications of outstanding allocations as below:

       oleaut32.dll (a known Windows memory manager) is responsible for 46.46 MBytes worth of outstanding
      allocations. These allocations appear to have originated from the following
      module(s) and function(s):



This issue occurs because Oleaut32.dll does not work correctly when the system frees allocated memory.


Install FIX 2870467: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2870467/en-us


Hope this helps.