Commerce Server 2009 Training Resources.

As Commerce Server 2009 is now out and available I thought it would be a nice idea to do a post on “Where Can I learn more about Commerce Server 2009?”.

The first place to keep in your list would be the documentation that is available here.
Commerce Server 2009 Documentation

Then you can take a look at the PDC Session from last year to give you an idea of the new features available in this product.

Commerce Server “Mojave” (Mojave was the code name for this version of Commerce Server.)

There is also a really good session from Scott Cairney from the Product Group over at Tech Ed Online with a Q and A.

There’s no direct link unfortunately but you can go to Tech Talks at Tech Ed Online and search for “Commerce Server” and you’ll find this video and a choice of download formats.

One of the really nice new features in Commerce Server 2009 is the ability to integrate with Virtual Earth to build a Store Locator page.

Tom Schultz has a Web Cast that’s up on Channel 9. Channel 9 Store Locator Webcast.

If you’d like to feed back to Tom about this Webcast then he has a permalink over on his blog.

There is also a lot of sample code at Multi-Channel Foundation Samples that will show you how to use the new API’s.

Finally if you’re a Commerce Server Partner we have the following sessions over at Partner Academy Live.

PAL sessions:

Microsoft Commerce Server 2009: Trends, Sales Strategies, and Solutions

The New Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Product Release