May 4th 2012 Link Day

As they say on Star Wars day “May the 4th be with you” Smile.

Here are the interesting links I have read this week with some comments

Async Targeting Pack for Visual Studio 2011
Looking forward to playing with Async on my Visual Studio 2011 install now.

Client Certificate Authentication in FTP 7  
Robert is our FTP guru internally and I’m glad to see him post this as this was something we were talking about over email.

Asp.Net MVC Hints and Tips from Rick Anderson
Rick has done a lot for the MVC cause on his pages and particularly check out his MVC FAQ.

All-In-One Code Framework
This is a great respository of samples and a neat Sample Browser to let you review all of the code samples and techniques.

ASP.NET MVC: Adding aria-required attribute for required fields
I’ve worked with Stuart on one or two things and he is very very smart and this is an interesting article.

How to live your Values at Microsoft
This is a soft skills post but it’s an interesting read and something that I am always trying to improve on.

I hope you enjoy this short collection of links and I’ll see you again soon.