Remix UK 2008

I'm looking forward to attending Remix UK this week.

Each delegate will receive a Microsoft Expression Professional Subscription worth over £650 which contains;
    Expression® Studio
(Expression Web, Expression Design, Expression Encoder, Expression Blend, Expression Media)
    Visual Studio® Standard Edition
    Office Standard Edition
    Office Visio® Professional
    Windows® XP
    Windows Vista® Business Edition
    Virtual PC
    Parallels Desktop for Mac  (so Mac developers can install Windows Vista in a virtual machine on their Mac and run all the other software included)
    Pre-configured virtualized server environments

There is also going to be a Master Class on the Thursday evening

Master Class with Live Labs and other well-versed Photosynth peeps: 6-7 p.m. 
Hear a talking version of the Photosynth guide for taking the best images to use in a synth and then head out into the Brighton landscape (weather permitting) to take your own photos. You can either join us in creating a community synth or feel free to have a go yourself. We’d of course love it if you download the synther (it’s free!) however if you want to build a synth on one of our machines, you can do that too. We’ll have a sign-up sheet for slots on the Friday.

Download the free technology and begin to create synth's at
How To video & guide here...
Keep up to date with the Photosynth Team Blog:

I've not had the chance to play with Photosynth yet so I might bring my camera along and take part. Even if I don't go to the Master class I might take my own photos and synth them later on.

Anyway I must get back to planning which sessions I will be attending.

I see that Sara Ford is doing a Visual Studio IDE Tips and Tricks session which should be good. If you use Visual Studio at all then I recommend her blog.