Sometimes Friday will be Link Day.


Every now and then instead of an in-depth post I might post some links which I’ve shared with my team during the week or that has been sent to me.

So here goes.

1) Robert McMurrary has a very good post on using the FTP 7.5 Extensibility to Dynamically restrict IP Addresses. 
Using FTP 7.5 Extensibility to create an Auth Provider with Dynamic IP Restrictions.

Here in support we’ve had at least one customer ask for this functionality and it’s really good that you can do this now in FTP 7.5.

2) Also on the FTP Front here’s a neat way of tracking your user sessions in FTP 7.0 and FTP 7.5

FTP 7.x x-session and Log Parser

3) Sysinternals have a new tool called ProcDump.exe which can be used to assist you in troubleshooting issues when one of your IIS Worker Processes takes a lot of CPU time.

Using ProcDump.exe from Sysinternals to Monitor IIS Processes for High CPU.

4) The Web Topics blog is also the source of this link which explains how to use Failed Request Tracing to generate a dump file when a request takes a long time.

Capturing a Dump file on a long running request in IIS 7

5) From the Morning Brew Blog I’ve come across this nice link on removing elements from your Asp.Net MVC views.

Asp.Net MVC Views on a Diet

That’s it for today I think.

Please use the comments box if you’d like to see more of this or if you don’t find this useful.