Set a delay for forwarding connector state changes and server changes (DMON info) in Exchange 2000 Server

clip_image002 SMTP / Routing Group connector state changes cause needless connector state toggling in Exchange 2000 Server

Problem description

A Simple Mail Transport Protocol/Routing Group (SMTP/RG) connector may go into a "down" state temporarily, and then change within a minute to an "up" state after Advanced Queuing (AQ) retries the connector and determines that the SMTP/RG service on the target server is responding. This issue can occur if an SMTP/RG server on the other side does not close the connection properly. When a connector is in a down state, AQ flags the connector to indicate that it is in an error state. This type of connector state toggling can occur many times in an hour.

Solution Information

Delay the forwarding of connector state changes and server changes (DMON info).