Interrobang?! — Interrobang!?

One of the least heralded, but arguably most important new features of the new ClearType font collection is the support for a previously little used character—the interrobang. This character was developed in 1962 by Martin Speckter with the intention of conveying additional information for advertising text.

People have many different opinions on this character. The reactions have varied from, “You want to add what character to the fonts‽” or “Cool, when will I be able to use it in the font‽”

These fonts are not the first fonts that Microsoft has worked on that support this character. Other fonts include Arial Unicode, Palatino Linotype, Lucida Sans Unicode, Frutiger Linotype, and Berling Antiqua.

Here is a look at the interrobangs in the new ClearType font collection.


Note: if in the above sample sentences you see a rectangle, that is not the shape of the interrobang. That just means the font being used in your reader or browser doesn’t support the interrobang. If you are using Internet Explorer with font embedding, you should see the correct character.

Edit: Update Image Reference.