“Code Only” and “Link Only” Replies!

If you found a question without any reply, and you do not have enough time to write a complete reply, did you try to post only URL(s) or few line of code without any description?

I think posting a piece of Code without any description is not good at all.

But, links are useful if using them in these situations:

  • Link to further reading
  • link to related resources that the reply comes from
  • link to related download URL(s)
  • link to guideline(s) for posting properly

By the way, it seems there is an exception: a very simple question from a newbie user! I think we can post a URL that shows her/him an address! The OP (Original poster) will find that she/he should learn more about it before post in a public forum. This seems somehow a polite way to say “RTFM, you are not in the right place!”. What do you think? Is it acceptable to reply without putting any information in it?


Saeid Hasani