Sunday Surprise - Sharing my Forum's participation experience

Good day to all my readers!

In my first blog in Forum's Ninja blog I want to go back into the memory line. I want to remember how I became a forum contributor and a moderator in many forums...

It all started in the beginning of 2007 when I found MSDN forums and started to answer various questions right away. I always was very active in the different online communities although I am a very private person and don't have an experience of public speaking. But online you can be active to your heart content.

I started answering questions about MS Visual FoxPro as this is the programming language I was very familiar with. Eventually I also switched to answering in SQL Server forums and in particular, in Transact-SQL forum, as this is the area I can provide the most help and the T-SQL challenges were always interesting to me.

I have been answering for a while (may be 2 or more years) before I became a moderator in Transact-SQL forum and other SQL Server related forums.

Today I am moderating about 20 different forums and answering questions when time permits.

I am interested in other people experience with the forums, please, leave me comments about your forums' participation.

All the best and see you soon in a new blog. I plan to highlight interesting forums' discussions as well as share my vision on forum's moderation...