VSIP Product Load Keys

I went through the process to request and install VSIP PLK's for the Process Editor Tool. The tool actually needs two PLKs: one for the Process Editor VS Package and another for the Work Item Type Editor VS Package. 

Please note that the new instructions for requesting a PLK are considerably different from the old instructions. Especially with regards to the information the VSIP system returns back to you. In the new system, the email that is sent simply states that the PLK is ready.

Make sure you keep a copy of the values you entered in the PLK request form:

  • Product Version

  • Package Guid

  • Application Residency

  • Minimum Product Edition

  • Resource DLL Filename

Make sure these values match EXACTLY what is specified in your code. I entered "1.0.0" in the PLK request form, but I had "" in my ProvideLoadKey attribute. Wasted hours tracking that one down.

The VSIP site will not provide you with these values that you entered, just the resulting PLK value, which is a hash of your inputs.