All work and no fun makes for a dull team, so let's have some fun!

I have participated in two team events so far since I have been here.

The first one was a few weeks back when we went off for an afternoon of Geoteaming run by a Seattle company called PlayTime.

geoteaming is Corporate Team Building that infuses team and leadership skills through technology
and adventure, based on the highly successful sport of! geoteaming is the
EXCLUSIVE Corporate Team Building Provider of with over 200 events successfully
completed. Come team with the first and the best for your next event!

We drove around Woodinville Wine Country, on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, with a GPS, a PocketPC, a few maps and a mystery to solve. 

We took some silly photos along the way and even had time to get a coffee

071024MS 045071024MS 046 071024MS 055  071024MS 049 071024MS 052  071024MS 059

Now our team didn't win the overall challenge - but we go to know each other a little better and isn't that the objective of the activity?

071024MS 060

The second "fun event" was just this week when we went to K1 Speed for some indoor karting action.

K1 Speed is a revolution in indoor karting, with its award winning centers, European style racing, emission free electric karts and professionally designed all asphalt race tracks. As soon as you walk in the difference is apparent, with up to 80,000 sqft of race track, 10,000 sqft lobby over looking the tracks, Live Scoring system, Corporate meeting rooms, the Pit Cafe and games area.

The karts are the best available in the world, with 20HP they reach speeds of 40mph, much faster than gas karts and without the smog. They are fully computerized for the best in safety, with remote controls operated by the pit crew to reduce speeds or even put to a stop if necessary.

The track was laid out something like this

I wore my helmet like a good boy and managed to get into the kart safely

speedy Speedy rulez

So, how did I do?

Microsoft.2 11-5-07

Yup - that's me on the podium and this is my medal


The cool thing about K1 Speed, is you can access your scores online, so here's my race history (my handle was speedy)


Not too shabby. I should have won, but.......

Anyways, back to work.

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