An issue with Windows Live Local for Outlook and MS CRM for Outlook client

I got the following email last night about an issue with Windows Live Local for Outlook and MS CRM for Outlook client.

I looked in the Windows Live Local for Outlook Readme file to see if this was mentioned, but there was nothing there.

I've spent a while looking for a way to contact someone who can assist, and have failed, SO if anyone from the product team (either on the Live Local for Outlook team or the MS CRM team) is watching - drop Stephen a line.

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Windows Live Local for Outlook

Not sure where to post this, but saw your posting recently on this product...

Just to let you know that the new Live Local addin has serious issues co-existing with the Microsoft CRM for Outlook client.

We have found after installing the new addin on machines running both the Laptop and Desktop CRM clients, we would get a lot of "There is a problem communicating with the Microsft CRM Server" errors and would also find that appointments that where linked in CRM (Track in CRM) would lose their link although the appointment synchronised and existed in Microsoft CRM as expected.

We have ended up uninstalling this addin and found now that all of the Microsoft CRM appointments are still correctly linked.

Appreciate it if you could please pass this on..

Any feedback to stephen.friend AT would be appreciated.