Asking the tough questions of Jeff Raikes

Last week, we had a presentation from a visiting executive, Jeff Raikes, President, Microsoft Business Division

He spoke to the company about the new People-Ready Business initiative (which I like) and then we had a change to ask questions.

Microsoft Office can help

Ever the diplomate I asked 2 questions of our visiting president - one about Office Live and the other about those silly Dinosaur ads.

You know those ads. The ones about Office having evolved, and people wandering around with Dinosaur heads.

He handled the questions like the professional that he is, which impressed me and the rest of the folks. He was open and honest and humble. I liked that.

The Office Live question is actually a FAQ online:  

Q: Can I sign up now for Microsoft Office Live?

A: At this time, Microsoft is offering a beta version of its Office Live services only to a test group of small business owners and managers in the United States. At the end of the beta period (late 2006), these services will become available to all U.S. small-business customers. Also in late 2006, we will initiate additional beta programs in select markets outside the United States.

The dinosaur ads had caused some ripples inside and outside, but I for one liked them. I'm a sucker for a silly ad. It breaks through the noise and people notice them. It's not a slick ad campaign, and that's another thing that appeals to me. There's even a Microsoft Office Dinosaur Screensaver.

Thanks Jeff for taking the time to answer my 2 random questions.

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