Current Playing - How do you do that?

One common question I keep getting asked is how do I get that "Currently Playing" song info in my blog posts.

Well, it's quite simple really.

  1. I am using the Windows Media Blogging Plug-in, which has been around for years, initally as part of the Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack. This Plug-in takes the name of the song currently playing, as well as the album and stores this metadata in the registry. The Windows XP Winter Fun Pack has a updated version which also does adds song info to email signatures 
  2. I use a .NET FX based Windows Client to do my blogging, called PostXING, which can read the info in the registry and automatically put the information in the post. Other blog clients, such as Blogjet can do this too.
  3. Post!

Simple really!

[ Currently Playing : Golden Slumbers - Ben Folds - I Am Sam (01:41) ]