Did someone mention Win2K??

Windows_2000_logo In my last post about browsers, Jeremy left a comment about Win2k 

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 7:19 PM by Offbeatmammal

# re: Upgrade from IE 6 … please

Frank - how many are using Win2K? A point was raised in my comments that there's still too many folks stuck on Win2K!

Well, since you asked, we may as well look at the spread of all OS

Perc. Operating System
50.02% Windows XP
34.84% Windows Vista
5.42% Unknown
4.53% Linux
1.52% Windows 2003
1.08% Windows 2000
1.05% Mac OS X
0.35% Windows NT
0.35% Windows CE
0.35% Windows 98
0.13% Windows 64
0.13% Windows
0.10% Windows FXRunTi
0.06% Windows ME
0.03% PPC
0.03% Windows NT6.1
0.03% Sun

“Unknown” has me beat.

What is surprising is that HALF of the readers are still on Windows XP!

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