First 4 weeks with my K-Jam

I've had my K-Jam for 4 weeks now, so time for a quick review, as promised.


  • Size is excellent. It passes "my weekend pop in a pocket to chase the kids" test
  • WiFi is fantastic. This is reducing my GPRS data usage by an significant amount
  • Battery life is pretty good. I am getting a whole day's usage. I left it uncharged one noght and it's had enough juice in the morning.
  • The keyboard is more than useful
  • The telescopic stylus is neat
  • Bluetooth is reliable
  • Windows Mobile 5 has some neat features


  • The 195 Mhz Processor makes it feel sluggish. There are moments when it seems to freeze.
  • Memory is tight. I only have 50mb for programs and 50mb for storage and WM5 doesn't have the slider than lets you adjust between program memory and storage memory
  • Lots of apps aren't ready for Windows Mobile 5 yet. Some don't even work anymore.
  • Some of the pre-installed apps from iMate are very bloated, so I quickly had to uninstall them.

I have changed the set of applications I have installed on my device and I've dropped some of my old trusty favourites which I used on my XDA II

This is the current lineup:

Today Screen & Tray Applications




Overall Impression

I love it. I really really love it. Don't just take my word for it, Aaron is a fan as well. Pocketnow has a good review with lots of pics too.

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