Helping those that need help

I've been at home for the past few days dealing with my Sinusitis

Moira has been busy doing her daily routine of dropping off and picking up children and she has left me at home with a phone by my side.

There have been numerous calls through out the days from, how shall I put it, other mothers.

At first they were surprised to hear me answer the phone. Once we got through the formalities, they asked me if I could help them with a problem they are having with excel/word/outlook/windows/internet/routers/etc.

Sure, happy to help....

Wow, my wife must be running an outsourced call center or something. 

Now I understand why I keep getting those random IMs from my wife when I am at work. I thought I was answering her silly little questions. Turns out I am the knowledgebase powering her secret woman's business.

It's not surprising, with four kids at four schools, that's *four* separate school social networks that need support.

Now, how to tap into these social networks?

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