Hi David, Welcome to Tech.Ed

Last year I had a bit of fun with the Tech.Ed registration stats

Well, I couldn't resist to get stuck into the data again this year.

I asked the "powers that be" to do some extracts for me. First off is the
list of First Names

So, here I present our top 10 first name of  the attendees of

  1. David
  2. Michael
  3. Andrew
  4. Peter
  5. John
  6. Mark
  7. Paul
  8. Chris
  9. James
  10. Richard

This represents 20% of all the attendees!

Now, there's so much more I could do, such as:

  • I could group similar names, like David/Dave, Michael/Mick/Mike,
    Andrew/Andy/Drew, Peter/Pete, John/Jon/Jonathan, Mark/Marc, Chris/Christopher
  • I could compare last years names with this years names

But I wont.

More interesting data tomorrow

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