How Did You Get That Digg This Button On Your Blog?

I was chatting with Rohan Thomas (a Developer Evangelist based in Malaysia) this evening.

He asked me how I got the DiggThis button my blog. I told him I would do a post about it.


So, how did I get that Digg This button onto my blog?

Easy really.

It was Windows Live Writer with the help of a cool little plugin which was in the recent SDK Technical Preview release

In the SDK Technical Preview you’ll find the following:

  • New SDK Features.doc – Detailed descriptions of the new plugin types. (Start here!)
  • SDK Reference.chm – Reference documentation for the entire Windows Live Writer API.
  • Samples – Source and binaries for two sample plugins:
    • Twitter Notify – Prompts you to make a Twitter status update after publishing a post
    • DiggThis – Automatically adds a DiggThis button or badge to each post

So Rohan – now you know my secret.

BTW -- I’m really looking forward to see what other cool plugins will appear.

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