I recently bought a Dell, so how do I get a Vista Upgrade ?

I got a question this week via email about a fellow who recently bought a Dell notebook (last month) and it shipped with XP and he was told Dell isn't offering Vista upgrades in Australia and the Microsoft Upgrade Guarantee site says that OEM isn’t eligible. He wanted to know what the story was.

So, I went to our friendly OEM team to find out what the deal is

I found out that Dell initially launched Vista upgrades only on their consumer lines (Dimension & Inspiron). But they have just extended this to Optiplex, Latitude and Precision lines of business and will honour for any system purchased after October 26th.

Redemption Process

  • Available 10/26 – through OEM Launch
  • Must be a Vista Capable System
  • Customer must register on upgrade site by 15th March 2007
  • Customer can only register upon receiving system
  • Customer must have the following information available to register:
    • COA Number (14 digits)
    • Service Tag
    • Credit Card number with a valid expiration date (valid through March 31st, 2007)
  • Reminder: Customer will not receive express upgrade kit without registration on www.dellvistaupgrade.com
  • Express upgrade kit will only start shipping to customers in Feb 2007
  • Customer credit card will only be charged upon shipping of the express upgrade kit.

So, that's the story

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