Last Book I Read - Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite

I got a book as a gift recently from a dear old friend.

It's called Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite

jacket image for Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite by Paul Arden


There have been many books written on good business practice.

All eminently sensible. All based on logic, common sense and good manners.

Essential if you want to be a supermarket manager. But for those wishing to break new ground it is not enough.

Logic and common sense have a habit of leading us to the same conclusions.

If you are going to make your mark on the world you have to start thinking differently.

To think differently you have to think illogically.

Whatever You Think Think The Opposite looks at life the wrong way in a bid to explain the benefits of making wrong decisions.

It was a quick read.

I started reading it when I first sat on the plane on my recent little roadtrip. I was finished before the plane took off.

But don't let the quick read detract from the impact of the book. It just confirmed what I have been doing all my life

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