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Or, it could be the Office Developer Conference, to be held Feb 10-13 2008 at the San Jose Convention Center



What is the Microsoft Office System Developer Conference 2008?

Microsoft Office System Developer Conference 2008 is the event for those focused on, or interested in, using Microsoft Office clients, servers and services to build applications. Architects, developers, executives, industry technical experts, Microsoft insiders and key partners will come together in a public forum to redefine what it means to be focused on Microsoft Office system development, exchange ideas on how to continue innovating in this ever-changing space, and share best practices on how to craft the next generation of Office Business Applications. You will learn the latest techniques for creating applications involving Microsoft Office, composition, collaboration, Software + Services, VOIP, Open XML, Silverlight, and more! You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with developers and architects on the Microsoft product teams and other customers and partners from around the globe, and learn about the future direction of Microsoft Office from a developer perspective

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