Redmondite? No Way Mate, I'm an Aussie, Yes I Am

Computerworld ran a piece about corporate blogging. Believe it or not, but I was interviewed by Michael Crawford for this story and I was quoted in the article.

Cameron Reilly : Bosses see bloggers as corporate liability and Josh Gliddon : Bosses don't like blogging  both have their say on the Computerworld article

Well, the Computerworld article was also mentioned in the infamous IT Journo blog I referenced in a previous post

Corporate blog

Speaking of blogging, Michael Crawford investigated the corporate blogging scene for Computerworld. “Corporate blogging in Australia has stalled because of a perceived security threat and a belief by employers that an active blogger is a liability,” Crawford wrote.

“You have to keep in mind everything they post has come through the public relations department and it will never be spontaneous,” an analyst told Crawford. Except at Microsoft, as the above example clearly demonstrates.

“Microsoft has reached the stage where it is a faceless entity for some people, but blogs allow us to be transparent; also it isn't written by marketing people and appears complete with spelling mistakes,” Crawford was told by a Redmondite. Now Epitome understands – marketroids can spell proper.

Ummmm, whoever wrote this piece should be aware that the quote was from me, and that I'm an Aussie, yes I am. The title of my blog is a bit of a giveaway.

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