Seriously hooked on Fresca


Ok, I'm going to admit it.  I've been keeping it quiet for a while, but it's time I came clean.

I have a serious addiction to Fresca - that "distinctively crisp, moderately smooth, intriguingly citrus, totally refreshing soda".

In this land of Starbucks, you would have thought I would be addicted to coffee - turns out that's not the case.

I do have my morning Caffè Americano, with a shot of suger-free vanilla, but the thing that keeps me going through out the day is my Fresca.

I just can't explain the addiction, but I'm hooked.

Maybe it's because the drink is as old as me, or maybe it's the phenylalanine, or maybe it's something I couldn't get back in Australia which makes it all the more desirable?

It could just be Fresca means "fresh" in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. and that appeals to me

Who knows.

One thing is certain - I am going to get a fresca now. cheers

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