Some thoughts on my new blog home

I've had a good look around the new place and it has a lot of nifty features, such as blog search and moderation. It also seems to be lacking stuff that was pretty neat with .Text. Josh has put together a good summary

For me, the things I find missing/different are:

  1. Timezone settings. I want my posts to reflect *MY* timezone
  2. Stripping of SCRIPT tags in the news sections. I had a bunch of things that don't work anymore.
  3. User interface to manage links is funky. I can get used to the new one I guess
  4. Presentation of links isn't in Alphabetical order anymore. I have to manually set the order of the links. Yuk
  5. Quick stats on posts, links and trackbacks is gone. I liked that summary. Oh well.
  6. Articles are all presented in full, not just headlines. Makes the page load so much slower. Yuk.
  7. Marvin3 skin layout is different. I can live with this, time for a change of scenery anyway.

Anyways, thanks to the team who did the transfer. It was a big undertaking and it seems to have gone smoothly.

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