The Microsoft Unlimted Potential (UP) Community Conference *again*

I'll be speaking at the upcoming Microsoft Unlimted Potential (UP) Community Conference next week.

I've been asked back following my session at the last conference

The case study I featured back then is now turned into it's own session on podcasting - way to go Mike!

Speaking of Mike, he has called out to me to collaborate online, via tags and to answer some questions he posed.

OK, i'll give it a try.

Mike asks about Microsoft information about podcasting - specifically subscribing to them

Yes,  podcast subscribing support isn't embedded directly in Windows Media Player. However, there are some superb applications that make it simple. I have used Doppler for a while and my current favorite client is Feed Station from those clever guys at Newsgator.

Would it be good to see this baked into Windows Media Player - sure, but here's a way to Roll your own podcasting support for WMP 11

Mike also asks if Microsoft has a service for upload audio/video to a store in the cloud. Well, we have Soapbox for video. In terms of 3rd party services, I can see that there are heaps, but I don't know of any preferred services.

Finally, Microsoft uses podcasting from a content delivery perspective. Just look at the Podcast directory over on Channel 9, and don't forget the local Sydney Institute Podcast series

Mike - I hope this makes sense. Looking forward to seeing you next week

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