The One About The Amazing Auto Woman

So, I am going to post some stories about my US adventures.

The first story is a doozy.

As you know, I have relocated to Seattle for a new role with Microsoft.

I sold my beloved Audi A4 to a dealer before leaving Australia (it's on the market still)

I am a sucker for a convertible - been driving them for the past 10 years.

So, naturally I wanted a convertible as my next car. There's lots of options

Since I am the pacific northwest, I thought I should go with a hard top convertible. This narrows it to a few certain cars.

My wife is a Volvo driver and said I should look at the Volvo C70

Hmmm - looks nice.


So, we went to a local dealer for a test drive and find out some more information.

I liked the car and decided that was the car for me. I asked the dealer to give me a quote.

Now a friend of mine told me about an auto broker he had used to help find a good deal on his car.

Her name is Heidi Hough, and she is known as The Amazing Auto Woman

Her website has all the info including the instructions

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to obtain pricing from the local dealers, please do this first. When you believe you have obtained your "best" price, Heidi will advise you if she can do better.


So I dropped her an email and Moira gave her a call, because she needed a car as well.

Fast forward a few days (seriously) and Heidi has tracked down both the cars - an XC90 for Moira and the C70 for me - and at a much lower price than the one quoted by the local dealer.


I get an email from Heidi with all the details and we arrange a rendezvous at my house.

Too Easy!

I head home to wait for Heidi, who brings me my car to the door. I sign some papers, hand over the cheque and the car is mine.


Like Amazon!

And they said buying a car in the US was hard.

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