Top 20 Search Keywords

Last time I listed out the top search keywords, I listed the Top 200 Search Keywords. This prompted a rather strong comment

The only people that care about search keywords for a particular site are the site owners. A top 10 list of search keywords is uninteresting and a little bit self-indulgent. A top 200 takes the cake.

So, to avoid being self indulgent, I’m only going to list the top 20

  1. star wars day
  2. frank arrigo
  3. carbon grove
  4. powerpuff girls
  5. wpf rss reader
  6. silverlight tetris
  7. frankarr
  8. twitter earth
  9. power puff girls
  10. frank arrigo blog
  11. lol
  12. best vista gadgets
  13. baudboys
  14. lifecam vx-3000
  15. frank
  16. best vista gadget
  17. tanjay
  18. wpf apps
  19. lol cat
  20. asli bilgin

The new #1 entry makes me smile

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