Before talking about the next web go fix the basics


today I am at a Web 2.0 conference in Cologne, Germany. The interesting thing here is it is a totally different type of audience I am used to have. Check for the German DirectNews Web 2.0 conference for details.

Why is it so different? Because none of the guys here are the typical technical folks I used to meet. They are discussing here about the marketing possibilities and - yepp - they really make up the Web 2.0. It is certainly not about technology.. so far we all agree.

But technology still is the way to deliver and there it wont work without technology either. So at least I still have a raison d'etre (Never try a French phrase while writing in English on a German keyboard). But there is one thing more...

I think the real break through needs trust. The end user needs to trust us as an industry to deliver value (they can check on that and correct it by simply leaving the site) and by managing their data responsibly (they cannot check on that because it will be too late when bad things happen).

We still have this impression that the security and privacy of my data is not at its best in the web. And sorry according to SANS.ORG the trend still goes in the wrong direction.

Despite attacking the platform (OS, SQL Server, you name it) the application is being attacked on the one side and the user is being attacked by Phishing on the other side.

We all need to get this right otherwise the idea of 'Web your life' will stick at a bit of blogging and a bit of feedback regarding your priorities in the movies. Certainly this is not a task for the marketing folks this needs us, dear colleagues, the techies. 



PS: Another thing I learn is that having no Internet connection shows how good an offline writing tool really is ;-) I like this Live Writer thing.