MCT Summit in Berlin


I will do a talk on the Microsoft product vision tomorrow here in Berlin. Once again at the Estrel Hotel...well, I tend to have bad luck regarding the heading of my room: My window always points at an industrial area.

050But I found the moon solely in the sky... Moon over Berlin ;-)

If you don't know what a MCT is: It is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Before joining Microsoft I was thinking hard how to become a member of this club. It is not as easy as it sounds.

Tomorrow I will speak about the global vision. My idea is to use the word "software platform" as a red line through the talk.

In my opinion the definition of software platform is changing. While in the past software platform was first a collection of libraries, it evolved and added baseline service providers like databases or communication services. Today a software platform extends itself into the cloud (as Microsoft calls it). To all what we already have new services are added and extend what we have. Services like storage but also services like monetarization or a global identification system. Services that need extreme amounts of regularly updated data like mapping. Services that take the operation of common things like email into a central datacenter.

I'll keep you posted how our MCT reacts on that...