when I joined the MSDN online team here in Germany I wondered why we would not make the wealth of MSDN news, videos, articles, podcasts…well, the content better reachable. I learned a great deal how hard it really is to run an international platform and I got a bit less aggressive over time ;-)

But still the dream is alive. And now we are a good step nearer to my dream. And I have to thank Kay Giza first because he’s the guy who made it possible.

The basic idea is it to give you the opportunity to include MSDN news and/or content feeds into your very own website.

NOTE: This is a MSDN Germany feature. If you like it please give us feedback!!! If you don’t give us feedback, too ;-)

Mix and Mash – It’s your MSDN

We build a little tool where you can configure which RSS feed you want and define the canvas in which it should be displayed. It all assembles in a little script which you have to include into your own website…viola.

It all starts here




On this website you can choose first of all which RSS feed you like as a source. Next the design and appearance of the canvas in which the feed should appear. Things like font, frame, title… But – best of it all – if you provide your CSS, well, welcome to do so. We provide a little how-to guide how your CSS must be shaped to fit.

In the end you will find a preview on the right side and a little JavaScript just as the one below:


Now copy and paste this script to your website and enjoy daily fresh developer news on your homepage.

I hope you find this as useful as I do.