Software made in Germany - SpicIE


some time ago I asked some guys here at Microsoft why we do not support writing IE plug ins in managed code. The answer was that while this still is a good idea it is not the highest priority of the product teams. Honestly I understand that because the main focus for the team is to make consumers happy.

Update: I have to take back my speculation on this and admit I was wrong here. Actually we do get a great deal of support ;-)

So we started our own little project here and called it SpicIE. Now Gunnar finished it off so far that we are able to present it to the public and we are able to make available. It has a reasonable (very) good code quality while it is not finished.

But certainly it is worth being checked out. You can find it here



Now you can write your own

IE browsing event handlers
IE toolbar buttons
IE menu entries
IE context menu entries
IE explorer bars
IE toolbars.

in managed code, using Express versions of Visual Studio etc. We will support the thing with

additional stuff in the days to come. Check it out…