Woohoo... Secure OS??



thanks to Frank Prengel I was made aware of an article regarding OS security. The thing is that Microsoft Windows is in fact not that bad ;-) See here http://www.internetnews.com/security/article.php/3667201

On the one hand this is always depending on the way you measure it. And for sure if you take the sheer number of Windows installments into account... this must find its way into the equation.

On the other hand it shows that Microsoft really invested in this area. And even if not all efforts might have taken effect within a few days at last we did something right ;-) To be honest I am a bit proud of that.

We have to keep on struggeling in this arena. At least somebody noticed the effect ;-)

But it even goes one step beyond that.

Germany is known for its focus on privacy. This gave us a hard time. I remember when Microsoft got the "Big Brother Award" as a company at least beeing seen as not caring for privacy at all. That time our Chief Security guy Sascha Hahnke surprised everybody by going there in person and taking the price. He said that we had to accept the judgement of the jury somehow but we didn't accept the fact.

This year we won a price for privacy processes here in Germany. See editoral here http://www.secorvo.de/security-news/secorvo-ssn0703.pdf Maybe we should see this price as a memorandum of Sascha who died last year.

See www.microsoft.com/privacy to see the base line processes or read my older blog entries ;-)

One comment to the editoral: No, it is no shame that an American company had to come and show the Germans how to come along with their privacy laws. Microsoft is as much a German company as it is Indian, British, French, Brazil... we are over 66,000 people from all over the world.