Embedded Technology Journal on CE 6.0

ETJ has a good overview article on the new & innovative things that Windows Embedded CE 6.0 offers for device makers. One of the greatest advantages that we hope to offer you with CE 6.0 is fast time to market (TTM) - since you get a lot of prebuilt, pre-configured functionality and components that you can use in your OS design, without re-inventing the wheel for every new product. Recent market research has shown that about 50% of all devices introduced to the market can be considered a failure, mostly due to being late to market, too expensive, or due to low quality. This gets even more painful if you have invested huge sums in the development up-front (for example, for expensive development tools or lots of licenses), because all of this would then be lost. Windows Embedded CE, with its inexpensive dev tools, and runtime licenses that you only pay for devices that you actually sold, reduces this risk. Think about it.