x64 RTM'ed yesterday!

I just had to write something.  The x64 OS RTM'ed last night.  I'm upgrading all my machines to it today.  It's been a long haul, and I'm quite happy that it's finally out the door.

Now I'm just trying to find an article that discusses it for more than 1 sentence.  Everyone talks about Win2K3 SP1, which is fine, and all, but the x64 version of this thing is brand-spanking-new, and there's almost nothing talking about it!  Anyway, I'm just happy that the OS is out there.  Whidbey Beta2 is coming in a couple weeks.  The combination of the two is a spectacular developer workstation:  You have the ability to develop & test 32 & 64 bit apps on the same system.  I love this thing!