Fail to create bot with error ‘Authorization_RequestDenied’

Since last December our team starts to support Azure Bot Framework, so in this blog you'll start seeing some best practices from our field experience

Many of our customers encounter the following error when creating a bot in Azure Bot portal (please check here for bot creation steps):


Insufficient privileges to complete the operation. Please check that your account has sufficient access to the Microsoft app registration portal link below. "

This is a known issue which is often caused by insufficient permission of the user account in Azure AD. Basically there are 2 settings to verify if the account has appropriate permissions:

In Azure portal, go to Azure Active Directory -> click on "User Settings" -> verify the following values:

  • Under "App registrations" section, "Users can register applications" should be "Yes";
  • If your account is a guest user, then under "External users" section, "Guest users permissions are limited" should be set to "No".

You may find that you are not able to modify those settings, that's because they are managed by Global Admin accounts for this AD tenant.

Please contact your Global Admin account to implement the right settings.

Another situation you may encounter is, you don't have access to the "User settings" page with message "No access":

This is probably because you are a guest user with a custom domain in this Azure AD tenant, and action plan is the same: reach out to your Global Admin asking for permission check.

If this cannot resolve your problem, please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket so we can work together on it.

We'll continue sharing our knowledge about Azure Bot Framework, stay tuned and let's Bot together!

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Jin W. from Microsoft Support team of IIS/ASP.NET/Azure Bot